Custom prize redemption machine Star Cube

Our newest, custom prize redemption machine….. Star Cube!   All the same great features as KeyMaster, Barbercut and Winner’s Cube, in one, small prize redemption machine that will fit ANYWHERE!  Built with the same durability and reliability we use to manufacture all of our prize vending machines, Star Cube was released 6 months ago, and is a proven money maker!

(RMS) Remote Monitoring and Advertising System

The Star Cube machines utilize our revolutionary (RMS) Remote Monitoring and Advertising System that tracks the inventory of cash and product in our machines, remotely manages any tech issues, AND running custom advertisements on the machine’s flat screen!  Our route drivers always know exactly how much product to take with them in order to properly stock your machine each time, keeping your location well supplied, and all monies accounted for!  No more theft of cash or prizes!

Make More Money and Improve Your Bottom Line

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