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Buy High Quality, Brand-New Vending Machines That Do ALL the Work for You!

Get the Most Popular Up-to-Date Amusement Vending Machines In Boston – And Dump ALL You Maintenance Headaches!

Say “no” to old, junky machines that cough and sputter as soon as anyone approaches them, and say “yes” to our lease-to-own program which gives you a brand-new machine of your choice, fully customized for your business.

Whatever your business, our huge variety of machines means you can maximize profit from your foot traffic: own the latest prize claw game machines, pool tables, jukeboxes, prize vendors and more – all hassle-free with our industry-leading customer support and service!

Smart Maintenance Anywhere, Anytime, from Your Pocket!

At All Star, we don’t just offer the latest amusement vending machines – we also offer a hi-tech proprietary Remote Monitoring and Advertisement System (RMS) that you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Fix common tech issues in seconds wherever you are
  • Accept credit and debit cards as well as cash
  • Issue refunds for lost money without tiresome paperwork
  • Add and change your custom advertising at any time
  • Get the latest information on inventory for easy tracking and restocking

Once you’ve experienced the magic of RMS, you will never want to go back – our system eliminates virtually every headache commonly associated with owning a vending machine!

Customized to Fit Your Establishment’s Décor and Space

Our consultants are here to help you build an amusement vending machine that fits the tone of your store – as well as maximizing the potential revenue from your floor space. With almost 15 years in the business, we can help you select the best machine for your business to maximize your extra income.

Our lease-to-own program is affordable, personalized, and all about adding extra dollars to your bottom line in the most efficient way possible. Our turnaround from initial consultation takes no longer than two weeks – get started today and contact us to find out why we’re Boston’s leading supplier of high quality vending machines for businesses!


Make More Money and Improve Your Bottom Line

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