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Fine Importers of the Highest Quality Amusement Vending Machines since 2004!

All Star Vending Service is Boston and New England’s number one source for quality amusement vending machines like: Claw Machines, Prize Vendors, Key Masters, Jukeboxes, Pool Tables, and other vending machines.  We are a self-made operation, and in business for more than 14 years!  While other amusement vending companies were stuck with old video games and jukeboxes, we were the FIRST vending company in New England to deploy state of the art claw machines, key masters, and other prize vending machines!

Do You Want to Make Extra Income for Your Business by Optimizing Your Unused Floor Space and Maximizing Revenue Potential From Foot Traffic?

All Star Vending Service, Inc. is the leading provider of arcade machines, claw game machines, coin op machines, vending machines, and more throughout the Greater Boston Metro Area. Let Us Help You Make More Money!
Running a business is tough. Whether you’re a laundromat, a grocery store, a bar, a diner, or any other kind of business with foot traffic, the costs just keep mounting up.
At All Star Vending, our job is to help your business maximize revenues and make the most of the unused spaces, all while persuading foot traffic to stay a little longer.


No investment, no training new employees, no complicated schemes

We are a trusted business partner, helping hundreds of businesses in Boston and the Route 495 belt offer their customers a range of entertaining and challenging arcade games with prizes.

Our Mission


Put Your Unused Space to Work

Our wide range of arcade and vending machines fit into a space as small as 2×2 and entice passing foot traffic to stop and play, staying in your business longer and spending more money.


State-of-the-Art Machines

Our new machines offer the latest in entertainment. From key master arcade games and claw games to jukebox vending machines and coin op games, our high-quality equipment delivers on their promise of fun. Best of all, our prize and claw vending machines utilize our revolutionary


(RMS) Remote Monitoring and Advertising System

That allows us to track the inventory of cash and product in our machines, remotely managing any tech issues, AND running custom advertisements on the machine’s flat screen TV!  All done wirelessly from a PC or iPhone!


No Maintenance, No Upkeep, No Upfront Payments

Our machines are new, clean, and feature the best prices and products on the market today. We cover all liability insurance, and our technicians maintain the machines.  You won’t pay a single dime for upkeep or installation.


Industry-Leading Customer Support

Our business only works if yours does—which means our customer support is the best you’ll ever experience. Nobody knows more than us about our machines and the people who play them.


Enjoy an Easy Extra Income, Every Month

Every month, we check the machine and count all the revenue generated and give you your agreed percentage. No hassle, no fuss, just extra profits every month for your business.

Take Us for a Spin with a Risk-Free, 30-Day Trial

We believe in the high quality of our service and the returns our machines will deliver to you. Try us risk-free for one month and discover how just one of our machines can make a huge impact on your bottom line!

No matter how big or small your business, our modern, clean and fully-stocked machines give your customers the best prizes and experience.Combined with our superior customer service, industry leading

Combined with our superior customer service, industry leading machines, and professional integrity, you can make the most of your unused retail space while encouraging foot traffic to spend more money.

No matter what your business, our large inventory of the latest games and vending machine service offers your business a prime opportunity to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, effortlessly. It’s hassle-free, profitable, and maximizes your floor space’s revenue potential without costing you a dime.

If you’re ready to start generating money the easy way, then it’s time to contact us and discover how we can make an impact on your profits this year.


Make More Money and Improve Your Bottom Line

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